Nasza wypożyczalnia wyposażona jest w gokarty Szwedzkiej firmy Caroli


STINGER 270cc 9,8 KM Wyposażone są w:
-Rozruszniki eletryczne
-Kasety na doważanie (wyrównie szans cięższych zawodników)

Regulowane siedzenia + nakładki na pedały (możliwość prowadzenia od 130cm wzrostu)


Stinger provides you with a reliability out of the ordinary. Every detail has been optimized through computer design and many hours of test driving. The body work protects all wires, tubes, rotating and hot parts. Quick mounted plastic covers and split rear bearing make rear axle removal easy, in order to simplify maintenance.

The safety frame is designed to protect the driver and the chassi in case of an high impact. The CRMO steel safety frame is mounted on 12 heavy duty silent blocks and offers the kart maximum crash protection. I case of an high impact the safety frame can move 12 cm to reduce the risk of personal injury. Extra protection pipes can also be included as an optional extra.

The 20 mm PEHD safety frame is designed to protect the driver and the chassi in case of high impact. The safety frame is mounted on a high impact block which soaks up impact in the event of a hard crash. The profile of the safety frame reduces the risk of climbing karts. Extra steel pipes can be added on request as well as extra PEHD for the spoiler and the rear protection.

Behind the steering wheel there’s a spring-mounted steering column, which greatly reduces the risk of personal injury. A fully adjustable seat and pedals makes the kart suitable for most drivers. Super low engine mounts give drivers plenty of room- even with the GX270 engine option. The durable Stinger chassi is very easy to handle but at the same time it offers a real race kart feeling with twenty years of racing experience behind it. Stinger is perfect to use for indoor as well as outdoor tracks.

In order to appreciate the Stinger qualities, it has to be driven. You will experience the sensation of driving a real race kart that is extraordinary easy to drive.